Chairman's Message

Dear Parents,

As we brace ourselves for the era to which the milestone of "Concept Revolution" directs, we realize that the skills of the 21st century are what we should be looking forward to build in our young ones. This means that learning has to have a different meaning now. It can not be limited to acquiring information and memorizing facts. Thanks to the light speed with which technology is moving these days, very soon any information is going to be just a blink away from us.

Therefore, it is essential for schools to help students build the skills of applying the given information/knowledge on various platforms so that their cognitive skills are chiseled and they are ready to face the fancy future, head on....

Life at The Shemstar International School is not only about education, it is about the "upbringing of our children". It is not only about holistic education but about holistic educators too. Here we don’t just teach what to think, but how to think as well.

At The Shemstar International School Qazigund Anantnag, education is a joyful experience where the students learning is not confined to their exercise books alone. It reflects in the class room on the walls, in the hallways on display boards and it also remains recorded in the form of audio, video presentations, student blogs and in the bimonthly Student Led Conferences which are equally authentic evidences of their assimilation.

I welcome all readers to this kaleidoscope of those AIS activities which have and will keep the city buzzing in the next couple of months. All the stakeholders- parents, students and staff count here as partners in the common goal of shaping the future of this country of the world.

Do visit us as often as you can, to see all of it happening before your own eyes!